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Too Much Talk about "Dodgy" Carbon Credits

At the beginning of a market, pricing is all over and the place and there is no

standardization. With 65 carbon compliance markets (both cap & trade and carbon taxes) and a looming voluntary market which just passed $1 billion in September 2021, the need for

perfection is superfluous. 80% is good enough. Markets at this stage of maturation will have mispricing, volatility, and inaccuracies.

I am now starting to see a slow of articles on "greenwashing" and that carbon credits don't work as a mitigation strategy. These pundits are wrong.

We are about to the see the formation of the world's largest commodity market and it is not perfect. The point is that every major emitter cannot be carbon neutral by 2030. They need to buy carbon credits. This is the reality.

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