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Abaxx Exchange introduces market services including order matching, trade registration and clearing services in an enhanced market ecosystem designed to improve price discovery, transparency and risk management.


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Magnitude devises creative and impactful communications, marketing, content, and business development strategies, as well as action plans, that get to the heart of your competitive advantage and drive brand awareness and business opportunities. 

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Fuel Positive

FuelPositive Corporation is a Canadian growth-stage technology company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable, clean energy solutions, starting with a radical approach to producing green ammonia. FuelPositive has the technology to produce green ammonia at a price consumers can afford, while eliminating reliance on the wildly fluctuating supply chain. It’s a paradigm shift.


Our in situ, modular, scalable, portable green ammonia production technology will completely disrupt the traditional ammonia sector – and potentially all the sectors that can benefit from green ammonia – agriculture, transportation, fuel cells, grid storage, and the chemical industry.


Base Carbon

We engage with corporations, sovereign entities, academic institutions and carbon reduction project developers to produce and commercialize verified carbon credits.
We help our partners cut through the jargon and meet their net-zero and climate pledges through development of carbon credits.
Quality matters. Base Carbon differentiates itself through rigorous sourcing and underwriting and financing the maturation of nature and technology based carbon reduction credit projects.



TMX Inc.

TMX, Inc. is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technological innovations to reduce energy demand and mitigate climate change worldwide, specifically in areas with growing energy requirements due to rising temperatures.


Energy demand is projected to grow 35% worldwide in the next 20 years, while sources of renewable energy are not matching that growth.


Our technologies address this problem with easily implementable, low-cost improvements to existing constructions, which can reduce energy consumption for a building up to 30%.



GRAIN Ecosystem is a new venture incubated at Greentown Labs, funded by Schneider Electric, and accelerated by the Cleantech Open Northeast and Microsoft Founders Hub.

We created GRAIN to address global warming and accelerate decarbonization. We exist to unlock the supply of impactful carbon offsets.

Our platform streamlines the long, complex, and expensive certification process and the network of actors provides fuel for market growth.


South Pole

We develop and finance projects around the world that reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and bring real benefits for local communities. Since 2006, South Pole has worked in over 40 countries to develop more than 700 projects that avoid, reduce or absorb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions including renewable energy and forestry.

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Hodgson Russ

Hodgson Russ is organized to serve you and your needs. With dedicated teams of experts focused on specific issues facing the energy industry, we provide representation in every major area of US law.
We understand how changes in the  law and developments in your industry and the larger economy may affect your business.


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Co-Energy is an Israeli start-up company in the climate-tech sector, devoted to meeting global challenges of waste treatment, de-carbonization and zero waste goals by designing and establishing technological solutions to waste treatment.
We use improved technologies of energy production and storage (IP protected) to convert plastic and other energetic waste into hydrogen, as well as converting organic waste into biochar.
Where other see a nuisance we see a resource, creating a circular economy solution to the world’s most burning problems.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2023 Wall Street Green Summit.

The event is an excellent branding opportunity for companies interested in raising their profile with institutional investors, family offices, traders, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and venture capitalists eager to learn more about financial opportunities in environmental markets.

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