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Our 2024 Sponsors
Thank you to our generous sponsors. 

Interested in our 2025 sponsorship opportunities? Check out our sponsorship package:

Solar Power

Conference Partner


Hedge Connection launched in 2005 as the first marketing platform for hedge funds and an information portal for investors. To meet the ever growing demand of businesses and entrepreneurs seeking capital from our relationships, we began modifying our hedge fund related products and events to service more financial verticals. In 2020, we renamed our online platform "Fintroz" to reflect this diversification and our revised mission to facilitate introductions to all sectors of the financial services industry.


Hedge Connection operates the Fintroz platform as an enterprise SaaS solution. Portions of the software, to the entire platform, can be licensed by firms looking for virtual conference and online capital introduction technology.  Through our integrated technology, we have facilitated tens of thousands of direct meetings between managers and allocators.


Reception Sponsor

zmc-color-black-horizontal (1) 1.jpeg

With management to include the former carbon credit team at J.P. Morgan, Zefiro Methane Corp. (“Zefiro”) is an originator of carbon offsets providing investors access to the rapidly growing global carbon offset market. With up to 25x greater potency than carbon, methane represents an even more significant threat to the earth’s ecosystem. In the United States alone, there are more than 3.2 million “Orphaned and Abandoned” oil wells, many of which are currently emitting methane into the atmosphere.

Although these wells are a liability for the oil industry, they are an opportunity to be capitalized on by Zefiro using its two-step business model…

1. Well Decommissioning: Zefiro will “cap” orphaned and abandoned wells in exchange for a service fee paid by the well owner, which is up to USD $150,000.

2. Creating Offsets: After a given well has been decommissioned, Zefiro will claim carbon offsets from the programs used by various industries (e.g., energy, aviation, manufacturing). Between corporate commitments to reduce emissions and pending legislation requiring climate disclosures for public companies, there is currently significant and growing demand for such offsets.

Private Energy Rediscovered

We believe the key question for energy investors is how to profitably transform existing oil and gas assets towards a more sustainable future. We Acquire Oil and Gas Assets, Manage them through end of life, Transform them into sustainable sources of clean energy, and Create carbon credits and other environmental attributes. We call this approach Full Spectrum Energy Investment™ (FSEI).

The Synergy of Capital and Operations

XMC’s Full Spectrum Energy Investment approach combines Capital and Risk Optimization with Sustainable Innovation. XMC invests in energy assets with a focus on capital discipline and risk optimization, affiliate company X Machina Sustainable Technologies (XMST) provides technology development and operational expertise, and Zefiro Methane Corp. (ZMC) provides a platform for the primary origination of Carbon Credits.

An Organized and Flexible Toolkit

XMC’s Full Spectrum Energy Investment approach also allows us to develop a suite of services specific to the growing needs and opportunity in the energy transition space. Currently we have outlined 4 additional product lines under the XMC umbrella. Each has a unique and supporting role on the full spectrum we seek to create. They are Pompano Resource Transformation (PRT), Arrow Liability Management (ALM), X Machina Ventures (XMV), and Distributed Energy Corp (DEC).

Gold Sponsors

Comstock Inc. accelerates the commercialization of decarbonizing technologies through three primary operating units: Comstock Fuels converts biomass into net zero renewable fuels, Comstock Metals recycles e-waste and critical metals, and Comstock Mining holds significant gold and silver resources in a target-rich district in Nevada and plans to dramatically expand reserves through generative AI-enabled mineral discovery.

GRAIN Ecosystem is a new venture incubated at Greentown Labs, funded by Schneider Electric, and accelerated by the Cleantech Open Northeast and Microsoft Founders Hub.


We created GRAIN to address global warming and accelerate decarbonization. We exist to unlock the supply of impactful carbon offsets.


Our platform streamlines the long, complex, and expensive certification process and the network of actors provides fuel for market growth.

Magnitude devises creative and impactful communications, marketing, content, and business development strategies, as well as action plans, that get to the heart of your competitive advantage and drive brand awareness and business opportunities.

GreenStreet Global_logo.png

At our unique Real Estate Innovation Hub, we optimize financial, social and environmental building performance.

Upgrade and Sell your Property at a higher Valuation through our Value-Add Brokerage Program.

Collaborate with owners, investors and affiliates.

Work with leading-edge cleantech and proptech firms.

Optimize financial returns with creative funding strategies.

Seriously! Zero Down and Debt Equity Financing at the ready.

Be part of a Market-based solution to the Climate Crisis

At Carbon Streaming, we aim to accelerate a net-zero future. We pioneered the use of streaming transactions, a proven and flexible funding model, to scale high-integrity carbon credit projects to advance global climate action and additional United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This approach aligns our strategic interests with those of project partners to create long-term relationships built on a shared commitment to sustainability and accountability and positions us as a trusted source for buyers seeking high-quality carbon credits.


HEVO was founded in 2011 by Jeremy McCool with a mission to eliminate global reliance on fossil fuels by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. It quickly became clear that a charging technology that creates a seamless experience for drivers and the electric grid would be critical for achieving this outcome. The HEVO team spent nearly a decade on developing a cost competitive, third-party certified, manufacturable, and highly efficient wireless EV charging product suite. By enabling drivers to simple park and power up, HEVO paves the way for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

The company is built upon values inherent to our name – Honesty, Empathy, Vision, and Optimism. With these principles, HEVO is driving towards a future of universal, safe, and wide-spread wireless EV charging. With the stated purpose of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Optimization ("HEVO"), we are committed to accelerating the energy transformation towards a future that is wireless, autonomous, renewable and electric for use and enjoyment by all communities.


South Pole develops and implements comprehensive emission reduction projects and strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organisations around the world.


Put simply, the Abaxx mission is to build smarter markets. We have our eyes not just on weathering the energy transition, but on inherently improving price transparency and market access across commodity markets. A critical part of this mission is to continuously engineer, assess and evolve those markets to the betterment of markets everywhere and to the positive development of our societies. 

Underpinning our mission is what we call “The Commoditization of Trust." As a full-stack financial technology company we are building new software protocols and applications to enhance trust in electronic markets and provide next-generation risk management tools — all of which we are working to share on our regulated futures exchange, which is pending regulatory approval in Singapore.

Whenever you need us, whatever the legal issue, and wherever you are, Hodgson Russ is ready to respond. With more than 200 attorneys practicing in all major areas of U.S. law, we have the range and strength to assist with your business needs. Since 1817, clients have entrusted their legal matters to Hodgson Russ because they value our perspective, insight, and understanding of their situations ― and we hope you will, too.


We believe transformation requires:

  • The exploration and communication of multiple viable options

    Successful decarbonization requires every industry to take coordinated action, which is only possible if diverse stakeholders work together to find tangible solutions for complicated problems. That’s why our platform enables strategic decision-making about the future, rather than simply providing a record of what’s been done in the past.


  • A fiscally-responsible, scientifically-valid approach

    With more than $275 trillion of investment needed for our world to fully decarbonize, transparent and fiscally-responsible plans that every stakeholder can understand are paramount. Our platform allows experts to build real science-based models to ensure that the financial and performance projections match reality.

  • Bridging the Sustainability Execution Gap

    Our platform enables organizations to successfully take action on their sustainability commitments. Designed by a team of experts in supply chain efficiency, manufacturing, infrastructure, sustainability and systems design, ACTUAL empowers decision-makers to build capital plans with confidence.


The financial value of clean energy, the business risks of climate change, and the opportunities associated with building a stronger, more resilient economy are undeniable factors that investors and companies consider to ensure long-term shareholder value and profitability. Investors and companies remain firmly committed to business strategies that take all material financial risks and opportunities into account – from climate change to inflation to labor shortages – because it is a critical part of their job. The economic impacts of climate change, for example, which are estimated to cost $178 trillion over the next 50 years, pose significant risks to investment portfolios and business operations. Acting on these risks presents enormous opportunities in the economic transition to a clean energy future. However, some elected officials and special interests are working to ban investors and companies from considering the financial impacts of climate change and other material issues in decision-making.  While nearly half of U.S. states have introduced policies that would restrict businesses’ decision-making ability, many of these measures have failed or stalled in part due to private sector pushback over the economic impacts of such policies.  Hundreds of private and public sector leaders are mobilizing around a unified message to policymakers: Protect the Freedom to Invest Responsibly.  Freedom to Invest has rallied leaders from across the business world to remind policymakers that building profitable businesses and investment portfolios demands an analysis of all material financial factors. The economy will be stronger and more resilient if businesses are free to make their own investment decisions.  Policies that restrict investors and companies from taking into account all considerations encroach on businesses’ freedoms and simply defy responsible business and put the national economy at risk.

Pioneering Biochar Project Development:

MaxSum Environmental stands at the forefront of Biochar Project development. Our fully integrated approach uniquely positions us to offer comprehensive solutions for projects at every stage of their development journey.

With robust financial capabilities, we empower projects in their early stages or those seeking expansion by providing both working and investment capital. We go beyond being a mere financial partner; we are your strategic ally, dedicated to propelling your project toward success.

At MaxSum, we take pride in our technical expertise. Our team of experts offers unmatched guidance in project design, ensuring your venture is both efficient and sustainable. We are also well-versed in carbon credit development and sales, simplifying the complexities of this landscape for you.

The basic ‘need to know’ when starting a biochar project. 

MaxSum’s team includes specialists to help you design your project, so that it meets the carbon credit registries standards.


Where hydrogen is needed, and high-pressure is valued.

Clean Energy Bridge serves multiple markets


Low-cost hydrogen and pressurized oxygen for large industrial users of both gasses, including efuels production, petroleum refining, glassmaking, steelmaking and more.


Whether you want to transport hydrogen as high-pressure gas, liquid, or ammonia, each process benefits from eliminating expensive mechanical compression.


Enhancing economics of utility-scale solar and wind installation by monetizing curtailed production and boosting peak output.


We help customers safeguard the value of their real assets. Stakeholders all along the real estate value chain face challenges in controlling for risk, regulatory hurdles and cost pressures.


Leveraging AI and machine learning, the knowledge of a team of sustainability experts and our agile technology platform, BuildingMinds provides a path to preserve asset valuation, helping to forecast, manage and overcome many challenges within the real estate market.


Kita is the carbon insurance specialist. Kita develops bespoke carbon insurance products that safeguard the quality and performance of carbon transactions. By reducing risk, carbon insurance channels investment towards high quality carbon projects, enabling them to scale at the pace needed to address the climate crisis.


Kita is a coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, underwritten by Chaucer Group, Munich Re Innovation Syndicate and RenaissanceRe. 


Kita’s core product is Carbon Purchase Protection Cover, protecting buyers of forward purchased carbon removal credits against under-delivery. 


Kita was founded in December 2021 by Dr. Paul Young, Thomas Merriman and Natalia Dorfman. Kita has been nominated by PDIE Group for the Earthshot Prize 2023 and 2024 and been awarded grants from the European Space Agency and UK Research and Innovation. 


We are developing the technology to deliver fusion energy in the 2030s; a clean, secure, affordable and readily available energy source for all.

Tokamak Energy was founded in 2009 as a spin-off from UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). Our US subsidiary, Tokamak Energy Inc, was established in 2019. We are the only private fusion company with over a decade’s experience developing the two technologies that offer the most efficient and commercially attractive route to fusion energy; the compact spherical tokamak and high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets.

Our dedicated HTS magnet business unit, in collaboration with key manufacturing partners, is focussed on becoming the leading supplier of HTS technology for fusion and other exciting new applications, including science, renewable energy and propulsion in water, air and space.

Sewage Filtration


Munich Re is a leading global provider of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions.  Within the wider group, Munich Re Green Tech Solutions provides specialty insurance products specifically for the renewable energy industry.  We provide essential protection, backed by our financial strength. Our insurance guarantees the long-term performance of green technologies and is a seal of approval for outstanding technical quality. For more than a decade we’ve been supporting manufacturers, developers and investors by absorbing technical risks of green technologies. Whether wind, photovoltaics, hydrogen, or sustainable technologies like carbon capture or energy storage – we enable profitable, sustainable growth for your business.

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