Media Partners

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Vision Factory is a brand new company based in Barcelona. Vision Factory specializes in Marketing Communications, Graphic Design, Resourcing & Education.

Vision Factory provides excellent business administrative support for clients making every effort to participate in the success of your company.

Vision Factory is inspired by a modern vision, driven by mission and supported by values. 



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The OGM is creating the worlds largest community of energy readers and writers. It is a place to discover and share stories – everything energy!

The OGM self-publishing platform is a place that spans all borders, interests and languages and can be used on any device – tablet, phone or computer.





Terra is a problem-solving entity, and its team constantly works tirelessly to tackle some of the world’s most pressing economic, environmental, and conservation focused issues in Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, Water and Waste.

Standing firmly at the intersection of Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Sustainable Technologies, TERRA:

  • Customizes for the Most Complex Requirements

  • Increases Efficiencies

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint & Costs

  • Scales for Operations to Meet Any Budget


By using Terra’s patented and fully integrated sustainable technology systems, businesses, governments and non-profits can be confident that their solutions will not only be cost effective and efficient, but also clean and secure far into the future .



What if... you could do something good with your money? Matching your values and investment interests? Make the xChange now, make the decision for better investing.

We match sustainable solutions with the financial communities worldwide.



Our goal is to provide the inspiration and the support circle necessary to take on the world’s largest change management project.


At Women and Climate, we create a safe space for individuals to share best practices, ask questions, discuss ideas, and create new solutions. Everyone can work in climate no matter their current role and we seek to help women understand how they can make an impact. To work in climate and take climate action, you don’t need a special degree and you and you don’t need to switch your job. Everyone can work in climate today.


Forming new networks and friends is core to the mission of women and climate. Bringing women together to discuss a topic that impacts women on a very deep level is the cherry on top. We are a non-profit currently active in NYC and rapidly spreading to other cities!