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2024 Media Partners

​Thank you to our partners for all their support and dedication to our shared mission!


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Paul is a nationally recognized expert on sustainable investing, and the host of the popular Sustainable Finance Podcast, a weekly program featuring conversations with thought leaders in the field. His guests include cleantech entrepreneurs and VC investors; CEOs leading the low-carbon economy transition; creators of the ESG indices and analytics platforms everyone is using; and NGO executives bridging the public/private partnership funding chasm through digital banking and blockchain-based technologies.

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+Media Solutions is changing the world — one click at a time.

Our mission is to ensure all stakeholders can take genuine action on social and environmental issues. We strengthen engagement with purpose-driven campaigns and initiatives by amplifying the message, activating audiences and measuring the impact.

Through custom-built +Impact Hubs, +Media enables brands, events, and media to engage their target audiences with purpose-driven actions that achieve campaign goals and strengthen brand loyalty while making the world a better place to live.

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Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. (G&A) is an ESG and sustainability consulting firm, founded in 2006 and based in New York, helping clients become leaders in corporate sustainability and corporate responsibility.

EnerKnol is an innovative energy policy data and analytics company, conceived to solve the vast market need for real-time access to the critical regulatory information required to make decisions in the energy industry, from fossil fuels, to power & utilities, environmental commodities, renewables, and beyond.

EnerKnol—Energy Knowledge—is a name that captures how simple, yet how fundamental our solution is. As Sir Francis Bacon famously declared, “Knowledge itself is power”. And that’s the driving ethos behind EnerKnol—that knowledge of power is necessary to drive investment and innovation, and fulfill our mission to transform the energy industry for the better.

Solving the energy industry's biggest data problem.

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SRIEvent is tracking and mostly telling the stories of #Events on #SustainableFinance worldwide. One tweet (and post) at a time.

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3ec-TV, the only independent international bilingual (English-French) television channel
3ec-TV is an innovative generalist television channel with a humanistic vision and ecology-oriented,
which collaborates with recognized institutions and NGOs, and supported by committed personalities around the world.
3ec-TV encourages freedom of expression and gives voice to a young generation of journalists who care about the Planet.
3ec-TV is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
(3ec-TV is being set up in France, broadcast: internet, cable, satellite).

Over 10 years as North America's leading renewable energy executive search and staffing firm.

The renewable energy sector is a rapidly evolving market that requires highly specialized skills. EnergeiaWorks has deep industry knowledge to locate top talent across the entire supply chain including Engineers, Project Developers, Asset Management experts, through to Installers and Technicians. Our focused attention for each and every client begins with a consultative process and ensures that any potential candidate is fully screened. 


Our team of recruiters are based across North America, and are connected with all the top players and most exciting start-ups in the renewable market. Our recruiters are recognized as thought leaders in hiring trends, and have presented at Solar Power International, Solar Business Festival, Wall Street Green Summit, Midwest Solar Expo, New York Energy Week, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, Young Professionals of Energy, CanWEA Operations & Maintenance, Global Petroleum Show, SEEDS Symposium, and WRISE. Over 100 clean energy companies trust us with their recruiting strategy and talent acquisition.

We have seen intelligent digital platforms transform other industries by bringing information directly to customers for the most informed decision making. GridMarket’s platform is the transformative tool for the energy sector. The GridMarket Platform uses data to revolutionize clean energy adoption by automating technology and financial feasibility studies and then connecting consumers and vendors through a digital marketplace.

NxtGen Nexus is the only dedicated destination providing tools, a voice and a community for the next generation of family business members.  If you’re thinking about entering the business, we’re there. If you’re watching your kid’s soccer game, scrolling through work e-mails, and about the family business, we’re there.

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The Green Chain Protocol is an sustainability focused project envisioned by the India Blockchain Alliance (IBA) with the aim of establishing a pioneering technology ecosystem that focuses on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related initiatives. With the Ethos of promoting sustainability and global collaboration, Green Chain seeks to showcase and flourish Web3 projects in the ESG field while aligning with COP28 and expanding its impact on a global scale by the end of 2024.

Ecosystem Marketplace.png

Ecosystem Marketplace, an initiative of the non-profit organization Forest Trends, is a leading global source of information on environmental finance, markets, and payments for ecosystem services. As a web-based service, Ecosystem Marketplace publishes newsletters, breaking news, original feature articles, and annual reports about market-based approaches to valuing and financing ecosystem services. We believe that transparency is a hallmark of robust markets and that by providing accessible and trustworthy information on prices, regulation, science, and other market-relevant issues, we can contribute to market growth, catalyze new thinking, and spur the development of new markets and the policies and infrastructure needed to support them. Ecosystem Marketplace is financially supported by a diverse set of organizations including multilateral and bilateral government agencies, private foundations, and corporations involved in banking, investment, and various ecosystem services.


Our vision of Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA) is to unite the global impact startup scene, starting with Berlin.

By transforming Germany‘s capital into the leading hub for the global impact economy, we‘ll harness the collective potential to drive positive change.

Our mission is to provide a vibrant local platform where ideas from all over the globe can be shared, international partnerships formed, and resources mobilized to solve pressing global issues.

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